Country & Western traditionalists with Rock & Roll tendencies...

C&W traditionalists with rock and roll tendencies, Noonan and ensemble mix “touchstones of inspiration” from way-back C&W and bluegrass days with eclectic rockers and Noonan’s own catalog of top-notch originals.

Noonan’s wry presentation and tasteful Telecaster fretwork is complimented by sideman Matt “Shorty” Miller’s energetic virtuosity on mandolin, electric guitar and harmony vocals.

Bassist Ken Cotner and drummer Tim Belk provide a concrete foundation for the BNB sound with their versatile, always in the pocket rhythm chops, whether swinging classic country shuffles or nailing it to the wall on one of Noonan’s trademark traditional rockers.

Bill Noonan has been exploring the border of country and rock and roll on the Charlotte music scene from the get-go, from his days in the 90s and 00s as leader of local Americana pioneers the Rank Outsiders to his more recent work as a solo artist, band leader, and producer.

Bill Noonan and band are traditionalists with a dynamic creative spirit. They are known for their musical versatility and energetic and engaging performances

They play the traditional C&W and bluegrass catalog with authenticity, but are equally capable of taking things all the way out on the edge with full-tilt rockers and an impressive catalog of original material spanning all of the noted genres.

This eclectic versatility allows them to connect with diverse audiences in many musical settings: honky tonks, festivals, neighborhood bars, weddings, parties, corporate events.

They love doing what they do, and it shows. Always ready for the next gig, so many tunes, so little time.

Download and listen to Noonan’s “Catawba City” album here.